Mecha Mules became an official FTC team in 2018, but there has consistently been a Robotics club at Wahkiakum High School since 2015. We have participated in FTC, Seaperch, SkillsUSA, M.A.T.E., FLL, and several local and regional competitions and activities.

Mecha Mules was created to give students in grades 8-12 the opportunity to explore the world of technology and engineering, while also teaching them practical uses for their skills.

Mecha Mules competes in several competitions and tournaments every year and even hosts an annual home tournament called the Wahkiakum Wohbot Wohundup.

Mecha Mules team members all have vastly different skill sets and can always find new ways to utilize any talent (and I mean ANY talent).

Here is a link to our current (March 2023) trifold .