Meet the team


Mecha Mules is a completely student-led team that believes students thrive the most when they are given the freedom to try things out for themselves and find what works best for them individually.

Each member has the choice to focus their attention on specific portions of the team’s projects or to work a little on everything.  All the work done for competitions this year from building, programming, and driving to designing the team logo, fundraising for & designing our team T-shirts, business proposals, creating a Mecha Mules social media presence, and even making this website, all have been completely carried out by students.

Mecha Mules has an elected group of student leaders that are given the responsibility of overseeing different sections of the team’s work, and our current Mecha Mules Club President is Arwynn Haney. 

Our Club Members:



A working robot would be nothing without its own driver. With his precise, calculated controls, Nathan takes charge of making sure our robot does its job and takes the point home!


In addition to my role leading the building team. I also drive our robots in scrimmages and competitions. I am the club VP.


I design, build, code and drive SkillsUSA robots.



As one of the newest members of our team, I’ve found my interests in coding and developing video games fit nicely and are being put to good use. 


I assist with coding and building the team’s robots. I plan to put in 101% of my time in Mecha Mules. I joined robotics to hone my skills in engineering and programming. I am the club treaurer.

Logistics & Strategy:


Persuasive, versatile, and assertive. A robotics veteran since the ripe age of 10, Arwynn leads the presentations, documentation, business outreach, and public relations.. I am the club president.


With his teammates describing him as a hard worker, Micah is an imperative member and leader. He’s the head of operations, one of the main presenters, and a critical part of the build team, making his mark as a flexible team member! 


She writes. She draws. She builds. Is there anything she can’t do? Reagen is an invaluable member of our team who, among other things, oversees the compilation of the writing portion of our team’s presentation for competitions. 


i am an artist on a technical club. I am our club secretary.

Building & Design:


My job is to build robots and ensure that their programs work correctly. As it serves as a first step to entering the robotics industry.


Having over 7 years of robotics experience, my role is to lead the building team. I take my experience in FTC and SeaPerch to explore my engineering abilities and figure out what I plan to pursue in the future.

Scouting, Documentation, Team Development:


I’m one of the two 7th graders on the team and take on the role of scout and builder. I aim to use the information I have now to develop a stronger team as soon as I enter high school.


As a seventh grader, I work alongside Annelise in scouting, building and coding. Being part of FTC allows me to satisfy my curiosity to better understand the nature of robotics and engineering.

Our Coaches and Mentors:

Ron: Club Advisor, Mentor – building, coding, logistics

  • Retired computer science, engineering, and math teacher

Amanda: Mentor – operations, Lead Coach – Seaperch

  • Graphic designer

Jess: Mentor – videography

  • 4H Wahkiakum Robotics Coordinator

Brian: Mentor – building, and coding

  • Cisco Engineer

Steve: Mentor – building, and wiring

  • Retired boat builder

Paul: Mentor – building, and CAD

  • Wahkiakum SD maintenance director

Marjorie: Mentor – team spirit, gracious professionalism

  • Wahkiakum SD Custodian

Rook: School Liaison, Mentor – logistics

  • Biology and Engineering teacher at Wahkiakum HS

Mark: Mentor – building, and wiring

  • Retired TV station engineer

Club Documents

Our Club Constitution, approved April 2023

Informational trifold March 2023