Day 6 nightly update

We are home! The flight was good. We flew really close to Mt. Rainier. We could also see Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Brent, our school superintendent, family, and friends. Pictures were taken and stories were told. Jess will be making a video series on youtube about… Continue reading Day 6 nightly update

Day 5 nightly update

Today is competition day at the University of Maryland. After we set up our table in the pit area, we scouted other teams. The idea is to connect with people and learn other design concepts. Teams came to our table to scout too. There was a team very impressed with our claw and asked to… Continue reading Day 5 nightly update

Day 4 nightly update

Today, we took at a slower pace. Yesterday’s long walking adventures were hard on the legs and feet. Kids needed time to recharge for the competition tomorrow. Reassembling and testing the robot was first priority this morning. Once together, our lead mechanic and driver tested all the motors and made sure everything was securely mounted.… Continue reading Day 4 nightly update

Day 3 nightly update

Good evening! Our day started out by taking the metro south to DC around 8 am. Our first destination was the Spy Museum. Kids got an interactive mission to test their spy skills. There were also many exhibits to see on how spies helped our country. Their tricks and the equipment they used, were on… Continue reading Day 3 nightly update

Day 2 nightly update

Today was another travel day with an early get-up at 5 a.m. We took the hotel shuttle to the airport where we got breakfast shortly before boarding. The plane took off on time at 8 a.m. During the 4.5-hour flight, our 7th graders worked on their math homework, sleepy teens took a good nap, books… Continue reading Day 2 nightly update

Day 1 nightly update

Good evening all! This is the first nightly update for the trip to Internationals. After school got out today, we loaded up the rigs and left on time; about 40 min later. But first, a proper send-off! The team walked the halls of the elementary, middle, and high school to be cheered on by their… Continue reading Day 1 nightly update