Day 5 update from Internationals

Late in the day after all the travel and packing we got to the Capitol building. The architecture was so very pleasant, every piece of decor was meticulously placed. The view was unbelievable, a perfect sight. The House Gallery was indescribable, beyond breathtaking; It took so much time to even process its beauty! I still cannot explain it.
After such a long tour of the capital, dinner was so wonderful. The food was rich and bountiful, every piece was beyond mouth watering. Although Everyone was excited for dinner, no one compared to Sage. He would not keep his mouth shut about it. All of us ate till it was hard to walk. I (Evelynn Miller) personally had at least three plates of food. I wish I had room to even eat the teeniest tiniest bit more.
We next visited the pool, it had both a diving board and a slide. It was so much fun; We raced, played, wrestled, dove, and just swam. On top of that we played Marco Polo. Most of the time it took over 10 minutes for the person to catch someone. We bonded, played, and rested all at once.
Once again the day ends with a night walk, this time only partially. The team needed some supplies to make small adjustments to the ROV but the closest Walmart was sadly 4 miles away. So we ubered there and decided to walk half way back. What we got at Walmart was super glute, baking soda, and a toy horse. Dalton decided to get a horse and name it Henry. On the walk back Henry seemed to be quite hungry for Cockroaches, he just kept eating them.
-Evelynn Miller

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