Day 6 update from Internationals

After an insanely good breakfast our team decided to head down to the practice pool. Both Gary and Dalton must get used to the feeling of driving again after a week-long break. Overall It was a perfect success. We then proceeded to enter the gym which was full of other teams and their tables along with their ROV. Everyone looked around finding many things including at least 15 sticks to put on the Robot case. We checked into the competition, then got shirts. Our group was extremely hungry so we left for lunch.
After lunch we decided to go down to the pool for hours. We played Marco Polo and dived in quite a bite. The sun was beating down on us, so it felt so nice in the water. The fun was immense in the water.
Repeating the previous days we finished off with a night walk. This time to 7/11 for some nice slushies, and maybe some other things. The walk was slightly perplexing but that is what makes it enjoyable, the adventure. While we all got slushies Dalton got a nice bucket hat and glass which were extremely Snazzy. A nice view was right outside to a beautiful stream along with amazing forestry in it as well. This was a lovely way to finish off the day.
-Evelynn Miller

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