Day 4 update from Internationals

A slow morning with a nice doughnut breakfast was a nice repose, with all the fast-paced days.
A relic of one of America’s darkest days , the Ford theater. The life and death of Lincoln filled the building, tragic but fascinating. Seeing the places where Lincoln both got shot and died felt so surreal but was nice.
Food trucks overwhelmed the streets, perfect timing for us! It was such a relief to finally see some enticing food. Every one of us devoured our food in what felt like seconds. Despite that we still took long enough to be slightly late on our next endeavor: Stealing the Declaration of Independence! Wait no! I mean to stay visiting the National archives. Ya that is all we did I promise, 100% for sure.
We made it to the national archives, it was time for us to pull a national treasure. Unfortunately exhaustion haunted all but one of the team members. Only I was not tired, all of the others were consumed by their lack of energy. We went through the documents they left to the gift shop briskly. Gary and Dalton stole I mean bought the declaration of independence, definitely a recreation of one though!
Continuing the tradition the team went on one last night walk. This time we did not go sightseeing or exploring, we simply went to a park. It was mere minutes away, one short walk away from nostalgia. The park had many things but my eyes were caught on the swings. I ran to them and swung like a mad man, at the same time Amanda and Josh were on the seesaw. Gary accompanied me on the swings, Sage and Dalton ran on a spinning wheel. I swung for over half an hour until deciding to jump off. I threw my body off but kept my arms connected, immediately I knew I made a huge mistake. I crashed to the ground, onto a soft cement. I felt perfectly fine however Amanda and Josh were quite worried. I even felt good enough to teach Sage how to swing dance! It was quite an eventful but delightful night!
Sorry for such a late report, the last two nights have been quite tiring. Thank you for reading and supporting the robotics team!
-Evelynn Miller

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