Day 1 nightly update

Good evening all!
This is the first nightly update for the trip to Internationals.
After school got out today, we loaded up the rigs and left on time; about 40 min later. But first, a proper send-off! The team walked the halls of the elementary, middle, and high school to be cheered on by their fellow students. Robotics advisor Ron Wright came along to drive the school SUV back home. The second rig that went up is mentor Jessica Vik’s. It will stay in the hotel parking while we are gone. The hotel has a shuttle service to the airport, which we will use in the morning.
Shortly before school got out we received this video link. It is a one-minute video about our team, spoken in the House of Representatives.
The sunny weather made driving very nice to the Seattle area. We stopped in Hawks Prairie for dinner and celebrated teammate Micah’s birthday with homemade Oreo cupcakes. The timing was great because by the time dinner was over, the roads were clear of traffic and the last 45 minutes were smooth sailing.
Wahkiakum Mecha Mules
Pictures attached:
Team photo at the school before leaving – credit Principal Leitz
Luggage for one rig – credit Jessica Vik
Team dinner at Red Robin – credit Jessica Vik
WHS send off – credit Jessica Vik

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