Fundraising update and send off

Mecha Mules Robotics Club would like to thank all of you who supported us during our spring fundraising. Some of you sent in donations and some of you we got to meet in person when you came to get your car washed and see the robots at the Expo. Some of you we will connect with after we return.
The carwash was a huge success! Kids, coaches, and friends washed 71 cars, raising $2,500. To add a cherry on top, URS Electronics from Portland offered to match up to $2,500 of funds raised. This generous offer helped us to total $5,000. That is one successful carwash! One supporter even brought us pizza at just the right time, giving us a second wind.
The rain left us in a hurry and hot weather visited us for the Expo. Perfect timing for a mostly outside event. The Expo had land and water robots to learn about and drive. Concessions help curb folks’ hunger as the time frame was over the dinner hour. Some of our drivers and friends were even taped to the wall as a fundraiser. This was a huge hit, even among our own. Duck Tape was sold @ 3 pieces for $5 or 1 piece for $2. Everyone had fun taping their teammates/friends to the wall, visitors too! It was slower in attendance due to many baseball games and the nice weather but we still raised $450.
Your wonderful support has helped us raise the funds for our trip to Maryland for the SeaPerch International Competition, as well as purchasing parts and paying for upcoming entry fees and travel for future competitions. This seven-student team leaves with their two coaches – Amanda Heston and Josh Miller, school liaison – Jeff Rooklidge, and mentors – Brian Heston and Jessica Vik this Tuesday. Jessica will also be documenting the trip and making a video(s) that will be sent out after their return. Part of the documentation will also include sending out nightly emails about the trip; keeping family, friends, and sponsors in the loop as they visit the east coast.
If you know anyone who wants to be added to our email list for nightly emails from the trip and our quarterly newsletter, email their info to us at and put “newsletter” in the subject line.
Wahkiakum Mecha Mules

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