Day 3 nightly update

Good evening!
Our day started out by taking the metro south to DC around 8 am. Our first destination was the Spy Museum. Kids got an interactive mission to test their spy skills. There were also many exhibits to see on how spies helped our country. Their tricks and the equipment they used, were on display.
From there we walked to Ford’s Theater where President Lincoln was shot. The museum was in the basement. Once done with the museum tour, we walked up to the theater and got to see the presidential box. An employee here told us that a good view of the city was at the top of the tower on the Old Post Office.
With a little time before our next timed entry, we went to the top of that tower. It was a good 360* view. There was a nice cross breeze too. The weather today was sunny and comfortably warm
The National Archives was next. We got to see the originals of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. These three are known as the “Charters of Freedom”. By this time we welcomed a break from walking at Founding Farmers Restaurant for dinner. Everyone’s feet needed a rest.
We have a couple of people on the trip that weren’t here last time and so we wanted to show them the Lincoln Memorial. On our way there we stopped at the Vietnam Memorial too. The Lincoln Memorial was so crowded. There were so many field trips and what looked to be graduation celebrations as there were several kids in cap and gowns or fancy dresses. It was hard to find room on the steps to sit for a picture. Inside, the kids were so loud. Last year when we were there, there was more respect and you could hear a pin drop.
We arrived back at the hotel around 10:30 pm. We were all very tired but had a good day. Jess and Amanda have Fitbits and they registered 18,700 steps for the day! That is a lot of walking.
Wahkiakum Mecah Mules
Pictures attached: credit Jessica Vik
Spy Museum – robot snake
Ford’s Theater – presidential box
View of the capital building from the Old Post Office Tower
Lincoln Memorial

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