Day 4 nightly update

Today, we took at a slower pace. Yesterday’s long walking adventures were hard on the legs and feet. Kids needed time to recharge for the competition tomorrow.
Reassembling and testing the robot was first priority this morning. Once together, our lead mechanic and driver tested all the motors and made sure everything was securely mounted. Then we took the rental to the grocery store. These kids needed some snacks for their hotel rooms.
The kids were disappointed there was an empty pool at our hotel. About 7 minutes from the hotel is an indoor pool. We went there to have some team bonding time while swimming; or more like flying through the air into a cannonball! We asked the lifeguard if they were allowed to launch each other and they gave us permission. This is a favorite of theirs to do in our hometown pool when they are together.
Now onto business! We put the robot together this morning because we had a 3:30 pm check-in time at the University of Maryland campus where the SeaPerch event is being held. Here we each got a t-shirt, swag, lunch tickets, and name badges. We got the robot inspected and it passed with no problem.
There is a course to inspect on the gym floor and our drivers studied and visualized how they would complete it. The international course always has little changes compared to the course we have ran at qualifiers. On the obstacle course, the hoops are angled a bit differently. This year the vertical hoops are all at an angle and the horizontal hoop has one raised a little higher than the other one. Peter, our Obstacle Course driver, checked it over and came away very confident. The biggest change on the Mission course was the angle on the tips of the starfish that the robot has to pick up with its claw (the most point value). Our driver Nathan is concerned that our hook needs some adjustment. When this was brought to our technical coach, he said this will be no problem to adjust. We brought our seastar from home in anticipation of making adjustments in this area.
After another pizza dinner (a teen dinner favorite), the team played games in the common room. Some kids also took advantage of the slower day to accomplish homework.
Thank you for the support you all have given us. This has helped us get to the big day tomorrow!
Wahkiakum Mecha Mules
Pictures attached: credit Jess Vik
Robot assembly this morning
Team bonding at the pool
Robot inspection
Drivers discussing the courses

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