Day 3 update from Internationals

The first thing our group did was attend the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Upon walking in security was rigid, showing how significant and important the history inside was. There was a somber atmosphere, air filled with the sadness of many. The heartbreaking stories put me on the verge of tears. I am so very glad we went even if I almost cried because history is vital in stopping similar from occurring.
The team then decided to eat lunch at the wharf. Many options were present yet, we still struggled on finding a place where we could all enjoy the food. Eventually it was decided that a burger place would be sufficient. It was quite the rain storm outside although being from Washington state we decided to eat out there.
Spying was next on the itinerary, we entered the spy museum in which we are supposed to play a game; I didn’t not. At the beginning of the museum I planned on it but as soon as I was inside I got bored and wandered off to learn history. Eventually, I found each person still in the game: Gary, Sage, and Dalton. Gary slowly but carefully finished every task. On the other hand Sage and Dalton were already done. It was quite nice to be there.
Finishing the day off, we took a night walk around more monuments, all of them were extremely beautiful. These night walks are truly so delightful, personally they are some of my biggest highlights.
Thank you for reading and supporting the Wahkiakum robotics team!
-Evelynn Miller

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